The  Stories Jesus Told

Lessons from the Parables of Jesus

“And He spake many things unto them in parables, saying…” (Matthew 13:3)

“Hey, did you hear the one about . . . !” Jesus was a great storyteller! In fact, the best! His stories were God- inspired and designed to bring revelation, inspiration, education, and even conviction. They were crafted to be easily remembered, as the characters were bold and narratives rich in symbolic meaning. Storytelling was Jesus’ favorite method of teaching. His primary reason was to open up the mysteries of God’s Kingdom to His faithful followers, especially His immediate Twelve Disciples, while concealing these divine secrets from His antagonists. At one point in His ministry, Jesus did not teach without the inclusion of a story. His stories were spoken with simplistic language

that utilized familiar situations, events, and things that were common: birds, flowers, loss, livestock, farming, debt, family, inheritance, wealth, investment, servanthood, service, marriage, relationship, charity, character, prayer, Heaven, Hell, and so much more. These stories were known as parables. Each have one central point that differ from storyline to storyline, but all intended to explain what the Kingdom of God is like, as well as what is expected of those so privileged to be a part of the Kingdom family. This book contains lessons from selected parables of Jesus as dictated by the Holy Spirit—exciting lessons—informative lessons—inspirational lessons. Lessons that are sure to uplift, encourage, educate, and stimulate thought, emotion, and conversation. Enjoy. Be Edified. Read and learn from the Master Storyteller—JESUS

About the Author

Larry A. Brookins is Senior Pastor of True Foundation Transformation Church (Chicago, Illinois) and CEO of LA Brookins Ministries. He is a graduate of Bradley University (Peoria, B.F.A.), Chicago Baptist Institute (Chicago, A.T.S. & B.T.S.), McCormick Theological Seminary (Chicago, M.A.T.S.), and the recipient of Honorary Doctorate Degrees from St. Michael’s Institute of St. Louis, Missouri and St. Thomas Christian University of Jacksonville, Florida


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