Life to Legacy is a full service publishing company. Why self publish? That means the author does all the work themselves. However, with Life to Legacy, we do all the work but you maintain control of the project, as well as maintain your rights. We can even develop your manuscript in the event that you do not have one. Your manuscript can be ghostwritten in your voice and your readers will be amazed at the level of literary proficiency and style of your book.

Bring us your literary ideas and we will transform them into an attractive soft or hard cover book, even if you only have your ideas recorded on tape, CDís,  DVDís or other electronic formats. We will even transcribe legible handwritten notes. After you make your decision to publish with us we, will professionally produce your book and have it available to be purchased anywhere in the world.

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Life to Legacy, is your one-stop shop for book publishing success.

Offering a range of publishing services, including book design, editing, and marketing, Life to Legacy can help you launch your one-of-a-kind book in style.

Develop, polish and refine your manuscript with the help of a professional editor

Create an eye-catching book Ė including an attractive front cover design

Create a catchy synopsis of the book along with your photo for the back cover

Be the first in your family to join the prestigious group of published authors who have a published book to their credit. Share your book with a host of friends, family members, congregates and professional affiliates.

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