Pastor Ira J. Acree

In Pursuit of Mister Right is a thought-provoking, non-traditional, outside-the-box approach to the dilemma women face in finding a good man.  Whether it’s the corporate executive or the 9-to-5 blue collar worker; whether it’s from the pulpit or in the pew, women everywhere are asking the same question, “Where is my Mr. Right?”  In this easy-to-read book, Pastor Ira Acree gives some interesting insight into this controversial subject that enquiring women want to know.  This book thematically weaves inspiration, insight, and enrichment together in a practical way so women of all ages can benefit from their relationships. In this enlightening book, Reverend Acree draws from the depth of wisdom of ancient biblical queens and unlocks ageless secrets on how to recognize, captivate, and keep a man. For too long, women have been adversely affected by outdated religious

traditions and erroneous scriptural interpretations that discourage them from pursuing their prospective mate. But now, the tables have been turned to accommodate today’s assertive woman, who no longer wants to sit on the sidelines and wait for Mr. Right to come along.

In Pursuit of Mr Right (Amazon)

In Pursuit of Mr Right (B&N)

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