Lauren Wardís The 6-Step Plan is a must read motivational book written for teenagers, young adults, and adults who desire to be successful in life. The fact is many people do not know which direction they should go after high school, college or which career path they should take. In her inspiring debut book, Lauren shares six decisive steps that will help you answer these critical questions and show you how to access your untapped potential. You donít have to settle for less because God has a bright future in store for you!

In this easy-to-read informative book, learn the importance of having a dynamic relationship with God and the necessity of obtaining a higher education.  Discover how you can land that fulfilling career job and become financially stable.  Also, learn Laurenís tips on living on your own, the responsibilities of raising children and getting married.  Donít be dissuaded by difficulties or derailed by disappointments but be uplifted spiritually,

enriched mentally, matured emotionally, and prosper abundantly. ďThe 6-Step PlanĒ is not just a journey; itís the path to your divine destiny!Ē


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